There are no limits to the power and sound of music. Some may argue that there are limits to the combinations of sounds music can have.. but I argue that this is just a false belief and that music goes further than the imaginable and the possibilities with music are only limited to ones mind. Thoughts and memories help fuel music making a piece of music different from person to person. Empathy is what makes music music. It is easy to think that music is all beginning to sound the same and well.. boring and this is very true, thanks to the music industry making superficial uninspired music created by formula. Pop music and other superficial music CANNOT be called music! It is just noise… music is art and meaning. The whole idea behind pop music is that they will play you it enough times and you will get used to hearing it and it becomes part of your memories! DONT LET IT! Music should be something you want to listen to and means something to you not because the music was forced into your memories and life through the radio. The dullness and apathy of pop music is limited whereas true music has no limits and Music has the power to help define life…dont let the superficial define you.’

Old Record Vinyl

The old music

Listening to music that you haven’t heard for a long time can be a reminder of better times and confirmation that life isn’t all that bad because once it was great. Sometimes you can get lost in the usual and its only the reminders of the past in the form of music that reminds you how life should be and help you out in one way or another. Sometimes it is easy just to get lost and listen to the same music over again whilst doing the same things over like a broken record… That’s why listening to the radio is important as it gives you fresh music to listen to, helps broaden your perception on life and create new associations. Unfortunately the radio seems plagued with shallow garbage so instead of listening to new music… it is now best to listen to old music that you haven”t heard of before… or for a long time. There is a lot of past music out there which you might have memory’s with. But what about the next generation who are being brought up with shallow and bad music being played to them on the radio are they doomed? Well they can listen to old past music as they grow up and make that the music they have memory’s to… It is really disappointing what music has become and how we only have the past to listen to nowadays.

Why music matters

Music matters as it gives us a way to communicate socially with other people, affirms our existence and helps us better understand experiences. Without music the world would be a lost cause. The panic that would be in a world without music… would cause apathy and silence. Yes there are other art”s except from music that lets our creative souls breathe but music lets us be heard not just by other but by our own understandings as well. Without music our understandings would be lost and we would soon be easily be controlled by others…The volume is slowly being turned down and replaced by the drone of propaganda and evil. Those who are evil and that run this world know and fear the power of creativity and how if one can express their emotions cannot be controlled…. that is why they have grabbed hold of the concept of controlling music and promoting their messages through it… Controlling music will give them control. Music is being replaced with unimaginative propaganda and noise to control which herds society into controllable categories… music shouldn’t be liked because it is popular but liked because you like it….. but this is no longer the case as society a trick devised to control will stigmatize those who do not accept the popular music! Peer pressure to like what the rest like helps create control and destroys music.

How to be a good jazz muscian!

This is just a few quick tips to help you be a good jazz musician and help you understand what jazz music is really all about and why people play it. People play jazz music because it is one of the only forms of music that is bound to convention and a set formula of rules… it gives musicians full control of what there music sounds like and is about. But this being said this makes jazz music very inaccessible to the masses who may not understand the true meaning behind it. How to be a good jazz musician? Jazz isn’t something that can be taught.. this may sound like a bad thing but really it isn’t at all… everyone has the freedom of expression in jazz their really are no set rules when playing jazz. Jazz means different things to different people this means there are a lot of different types of jazz… you can even make up your own type of jazz that just shows just how open jazz is to expression and interpretation. Being a good jazz musician isn’t about how good you play but how good you are at expressing your emotions through the medium of jazz. The first step of being a good jazz musician is to break free from convention and forget about the set rules of playing music or an instrument. Not being tied down by the superficial standards that have been forced upon music for many years helps you to go back to the roots of music when it first came about.. a way to communicate and a way to express your emotions.. happy, angry sad… Mistakes dont exist in jazz music they are just as important as anything else, not concentrating on mistakes and not worrying if you make one or not is something very important to jazz musicians as mistakes are what help define us and help to set our music out from the rest. Hopefully this has helped you understand a little bit better what it takes to be a good jazz musician.

Youtube destroyed the music industry and got away with it

Youtube is owned by google and allows people to illegally upload music here there and everywhere, however there are some restrictions and videos are taken off sometimes for copyright reasons but you can still say that the amount of music videos that are being uploaded onto Youtube you really dont have to buy a album anymore. Youtube allows for musicians and record labels to make at least some money back from lost revenue from record sales by giving them revenue from ads played on official videos they can upload. The ironic thing is is that google makes money from all of this even with the record labels they rip off as google will give record labels add revenue from GOOGLE ADSENSE ADS BEING PLAYED on the videos. Music mayn”t all be about the money and shouldn”t be and I really couldn”t careless for rubbish hip hop or any other superficial music but some musicians need to make a living and how google is simply controlling every goings on on the internet and how because we live in a  media and information centered world google controls everything and legalities dont come into it….. You could argue that the record labels choose to upload the videos onto youtube and make money.. but this is simply to be heard and survive as Youtube now is the main place to listen to free music on demand and people dont buy records anymore…. Its sad but true……. You think that some record labels are cooperate evil…… google is the cooperate evil that is controlling much of the music industry giving free music to parasites for exchange for them swallowing some brainwashing videos first. Google can even shut down musicians if they want if they dont agree with them…… underground has become more underground even on the internet you wont be able to find underground music as again google owns the main search engine so finding good music which doesn”t promote evil is even harder too.’

Whats wrong with modern music?

Whats wrong with modern music? Modern music you would think would be great seeing as there are so many great and inspirational pieces of music that have been created through the years.. giving musicians plenty of inspiration fro their own music right? Well that”s what you would think would happen but unfortunately music has gone superficial and a business now. Long gone are the days when music meant something.. now when you turn on the radio all I hear anyway is just empty noise and meaningless and emotionless apathy. So what caused music to come to this? Greed and capitalism.. A controversial topic I know but someone has to say it. Nobody makes music for the sake of it anymore.. musicians now make music because they want to be famous and rich. People now see after the vast success and riches of other musicians music being a career choice and a lucrative business Its a sad story but something else you must think of is that the music industry want sales… so they must compromise as everyone has different tastes but if they can I either brainwash people into thinking they like a piece of music by repetitively playing a piece on the radio so people grow to like it more will buy it…. also peoples views and expression is what real music is about but other may not like that so the music industry will focus on creating music that appeals to the masses and has not got any hidden depth behind it or message just simple dribble really. So that”s my quick opinion on music today!