How to be a good jazz muscian!

This is just a few quick tips to help you be a good jazz musician and help you understand what jazz music is really all about and why people play it. People play jazz music because it is one of the only forms of music that is bound to convention and a set formula of rules… it gives musicians full control of what there music sounds like and is about. But this being said this makes jazz music very inaccessible to the masses who may not understand the true meaning behind it. How to be a good jazz musician? Jazz isn’t something that can be taught.. this may sound like a bad thing but really it isn’t at all… everyone has the freedom of expression in jazz their really are no set rules when playing jazz. Jazz means different things to different people this means there are a lot of different types of jazz… you can even make up your own type of jazz that just shows just how open jazz is to expression and interpretation. Being a good jazz musician isn’t about how good you play but how good you are at expressing your emotions through the medium of jazz. The first step of being a good jazz musician is to break free from convention and forget about the set rules of playing music or an instrument. Not being tied down by the superficial standards that have been forced upon music for many years helps you to go back to the roots of music when it first came about.. a way to communicate and a way to express your emotions.. happy, angry sad… Mistakes dont exist in jazz music they are just as important as anything else, not concentrating on mistakes and not worrying if you make one or not is something very important to jazz musicians as mistakes are what help define us and help to set our music out from the rest. Hopefully this has helped you understand a little bit better what it takes to be a good jazz musician.

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