• james posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    Here is something cool if you are like me and you are having trouble playing your jazz instrument or any other musical instrument for that matter because you are suffering from pain in your hands or you have got arthritis in the hands and think that you can never play jazz or music again then I have just the solution for this.. Arthritis gloves which can be worn whilst you play are a excellent way to ease the pain from arthritis and or joint pain in the hands. Arthritis gloves help support the hands comfortably and because of the way the gloves compress the tissues and joints in your hands and fingers means that pain just simply goes away. Many musicians before these gloves came along had to simply retire and quit playing music all together because of arthritis but now you dont have to. The gloves are easily put on just like any other kind of gloves.. affordable to buy and very effective… I may not have been suffering from arthritis but recently I started to get pain in my fingers when playing the saxophone and piano.. but since I got a pair of these gloves the pain has eased and I can now play like I used to again. So do something about it.. dont let pain get in your way of playing jazz! Side note: Its best to do hand exercises to strengthen the hands in the first place… so to prevent arthritis as you get older… usually musicians have strong hands anyway but it is important that you warm up the hands before playing as to not strain and damage them, just like how runner warm up before a sprint. Strong hands also mean you will be able to play better and faster too. Arthritis gloves are very useful and can be bought from a place online called Nuovahealth… Here is the link to a pair of arthritis gloves you can buy… Arthritis gloves for musicians are quite rare I couldn”t find a whole lot of places to buy them from but managed to get a pair from a site called nuovahealth and were probably at the best price I could find from anywhere else I looked too.

    • You copied my idea… 😉 I told you they were good dint I james! I just wanted to make my own review about how these gloves helped me and my playing. I have tried many many ways to help strengthen my hands for playing the guitar and arthritis gloves can help. With the extra resistance and compression the arthritis gloves put your hands under means that the muscles in your hands must work a bit harder to move… after a while this builds strength in your hands giving you faster hands when you play your instrument. It is really remarkable how faster and more flexible your hands and fingers are after wearing them for a couple weeks… you will be able to reach for that far note that you wouldn”t otherwise been able to reach for, or you will be able to move your finger with greater speed and more accurately too.. more control with your fingers makes you a better musician and gives you more control as to what you want your music to actually sound like. I”m actually wearing some arthritis gloves as we speak whilst typing because you can wear these gloves around the house doing normal things.. that what makes them so good.. you can get on with your day to day life as normal but your hands will gradually get stronger without any extra effort. Great! (the arthritis gloves must be compression gloves rather than magnetic ones as compression gloves are designed to restrict movement and strengthen your hands and fingers…. so they make your fingers faster at playing and gives you better coordination