• jazzpdx posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    Im getting better with all this css lark….. So i have this other site and I thought hey what this site needs is a forum as of course everything is so much better with a forum (as long as you don’t run it like a fascist dictatorship) but the theme that I bought for wordpress wasn’t compatible with bbpress (bbpress is what you use for wordpress its a plugin that makes forums.. its okay its not as great as other fully fledged forum software but it does the job if you have a wordpress site)… so I needed to integrate the bbpress forum into wordpress but if you just simply copy and paste the shortcode onto your page your given the standard bbpress design which looks awful.. so I needed to do some customizing and get it to flow with the theme that I was using….. eventually I got it to look great and seamless with my theme! Rather happy…. css has always been a nightmare for me far to technical…. its like doing art with maths and not actually being able paint on a canvas but just plotting with grids where you want things to be.. heck even the colors are in numbers!