Old Record Vinyl

The old music

Listening to music that you haven’t heard for a long time can be a reminder of better times and confirmation that life isn’t all that bad because once it was great. Sometimes you can get lost in the usual and its only the reminders of the past in the form of music that reminds you how life should be and help you out in one way or another. Sometimes it is easy just to get lost and listen to the same music over again whilst doing the same things over like a broken record… That’s why listening to the radio is important as it gives you fresh music to listen to, helps broaden your perception on life and create new associations. Unfortunately the radio seems plagued with shallow garbage so instead of listening to new music… it is now best to listen to old music that you haven”t heard of before… or for a long time. There is a lot of past music out there which you might have memory’s with. But what about the next generation who are being brought up with shallow and bad music being played to them on the radio are they doomed? Well they can listen to old past music as they grow up and make that the music they have memory’s to… It is really disappointing what music has become and how we only have the past to listen to nowadays.

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