There are no limits to the power and sound of music. Some may argue that there are limits to the combinations of sounds music can have.. but I argue that this is just a false belief and that music goes further than the imaginable and the possibilities with music are only limited to ones mind. Thoughts and memories help fuel music making a piece of music different from person to person. Empathy is what makes music music. It is easy to think that music is all beginning to sound the same and well.. boring and this is very true, thanks to the music industry making superficial uninspired music created by formula. Pop music and other superficial music CANNOT be called music! It is just noise… music is art and meaning. The whole idea behind pop music is that they will play you it enough times and you will get used to hearing it and it becomes part of your memories! DONT LET IT! Music should be something you want to listen to and means something to you not because the music was forced into your memories and life through the radio. The dullness and apathy of pop music is limited whereas true music has no limits and Music has the power to help define life…dont let the superficial define you.’

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