Whats wrong with modern music?

Whats wrong with modern music? Modern music you would think would be great seeing as there are so many great and inspirational pieces of music that have been created through the years.. giving musicians plenty of inspiration fro their own music right? Well that”s what you would think would happen but unfortunately music has gone superficial and a business now. Long gone are the days when music meant something.. now when you turn on the radio all I hear anyway is just empty noise and meaningless and emotionless apathy. So what caused music to come to this? Greed and capitalism.. A controversial topic I know but someone has to say it. Nobody makes music for the sake of it anymore.. musicians now make music because they want to be famous and rich. People now see after the vast success and riches of other musicians music being a career choice and a lucrative business Its a sad story but something else you must think of is that the music industry want sales… so they must compromise as everyone has different tastes but if they can I either brainwash people into thinking they like a piece of music by repetitively playing a piece on the radio so people grow to like it more will buy it…. also peoples views and expression is what real music is about but other may not like that so the music industry will focus on creating music that appeals to the masses and has not got any hidden depth behind it or message just simple dribble really. So that”s my quick opinion on music today!

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