Why music matters

Music matters as it gives us a way to communicate socially with other people, affirms our existence and helps us better understand experiences. Without music the world would be a lost cause. The panic that would be in a world without music… would cause apathy and silence. Yes there are other art”s except from music that lets our creative souls breathe but music lets us be heard not just by other but by our own understandings as well. Without music our understandings would be lost and we would soon be easily be controlled by others…The volume is slowly being turned down and replaced by the drone of propaganda and evil. Those who are evil and that run this world know and fear the power of creativity and how if one can express their emotions cannot be controlled…. that is why they have grabbed hold of the concept of controlling music and promoting their messages through it… Controlling music will give them control. Music is being replaced with unimaginative propaganda and noise to control which herds society into controllable categories… music shouldn’t be liked because it is popular but liked because you like it….. but this is no longer the case as society a trick devised to control will stigmatize those who do not accept the popular music! Peer pressure to like what the rest like helps create control and destroys music.

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