Youtube destroyed the music industry and got away with it

Youtube is owned by google and allows people to illegally upload music here there and everywhere, however there are some restrictions and videos are taken off sometimes for copyright reasons but you can still say that the amount of music videos that are being uploaded onto Youtube you really dont have to buy a album anymore. Youtube allows for musicians and record labels to make at least some money back from lost revenue from record sales by giving them revenue from ads played on official videos they can upload. The ironic thing is is that google makes money from all of this even with the record labels they rip off as google will give record labels add revenue from GOOGLE ADSENSE ADS BEING PLAYED on the videos. Music mayn”t all be about the money and shouldn”t be and I really couldn”t careless for rubbish hip hop or any other superficial music but some musicians need to make a living and how google is simply controlling every goings on on the internet and how because we live in a  media and information centered world google controls everything and legalities dont come into it….. You could argue that the record labels choose to upload the videos onto youtube and make money.. but this is simply to be heard and survive as Youtube now is the main place to listen to free music on demand and people dont buy records anymore…. Its sad but true……. You think that some record labels are cooperate evil…… google is the cooperate evil that is controlling much of the music industry giving free music to parasites for exchange for them swallowing some brainwashing videos first. Google can even shut down musicians if they want if they dont agree with them…… underground has become more underground even on the internet you wont be able to find underground music as again google owns the main search engine so finding good music which doesn”t promote evil is even harder too.’

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